We're better together

Meet the Fixvision team.

A core team of passionate people with roots in the world of media and entertainment, supplemented by unique expertise regarding the video format as a learning environment for the healthcare industry. Opinionated, but always with good reason. Razor-sharp, with a sensitive edge.

Long story short – a young, talented, vibrant team, with fresh ideas bubbling up all the time. Born and raised in the era of gaming and video, and trained accordingly.

On top of that, we have a large, reliable network of friends, partners and suppliers.

Tjaart Venema - Fixvision

Tjaart Venema

  • Partner, Creative Director
  • Creative with both linguistic and numerical skills
  • A jack of all trades!
Rowin Schumm - Fixvision

Rowin Schumm

  • Partner, Creative Director
  • Animation design
  • Our proverbial tower of strength
Emmanouela Papadogamvraki - Fixvision

Manuela Papadogamvraki

  • Project manager
  • She is the top among the toppers
  • Arranges everything
Roy Verver - Fixvision

Roy Verver

  • Director Of Photography (DOP)
  • A natural at what de does
  • To think outside the box
Jelle Kleiss - Fixvision

Jelle Kleiss

  • Senior Creative
  • Concepting
  • The “Fixer”
Jay Partapsing - Fixvision

Jay Partapsing

  • AV-Specialist
  • His work process is as sleek as his haircut
  • Our office nerd
Stan Dorst - Fixvision

Stan Dorst

  • AV-Specialist
  • Makes a party of every shoot
  • Goes hard for it
Lars Ouwendijk - Fixvision

Lars Ouwendijk

  • AV-Specialist
  • Banger of an editor
  • Sparkling
Don den Boef - Fixvision

Don den Boef

  • 3D Artist
  • Consider it Don(e)
  • A genuine 3D wizard

Let's hear from our former interns.

Stagiair AV-productie bij Fixvision gezocht

Internship AV-production

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