Animation makes it happen

Easily explain
a complex story.

You want to get a complex message across. You want to inform your target group properly. An animation helps to focus on what’s important – there is less noise and distraction than with a video. An animation is the perfect medium for presenting a complex story with a simple explanation.

Our experienced scriptwriters and illustrators translate the idea into a finished script. This script contains the voiceover text, illustration sketches and prompts for the animations.

The project will not be put in motion until we have worked through the script with you and everything has been finetuned. #difficultbecomeseasy.

The short extracts below show you what’s possible. Including the how, what and why.


  • We are reliable. A deal is a deal.

  • Our strong suit: we listen carefully and translate your question.

  • We are fair. Regarding pricing, but also as human beings.

  • We are creative, both in the solution and in the implementation!

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