Immerse yourself

Immersive, all demensions together.

An immersive room is a room that features moving images on all walls. The walls respond to touch, there’s surround-sound, and sometimes, there’s even smoke or scent effects. Every part of an immersive room is designed to transport the participants to an alternate reality. The interactive elements enable the participants to influence their surroundings and the way the experience unfolds.

Fixvision designs and realises immersive experiences, for both educational and entertainment purposes. We challenge participants with interactive games, immersing them in a fabricated reality and giving then challenging assignments. All of the elements you usually find in computer games (solving puzzles, selecting or moving objects, gathering information, answering questions) can be added to an immersive room experience. Together, you react to what the room throws at you. The opportunities are endless!

Our team of script writers, designers and programmers would love to develop an unforgettable immersive experience for you, full of interaction and excitement. It’ll make an unforgettable impression that exceeds expectations.

Fix & mix: fascination for innovation

So why opt for Fixvision?

  • An experienced team of interaction designers

  • We can incorporate your own footage

  • More impact than you could have ever imagined

  • Irreplaceable and unforgettable

Train: immersive starts where instruction ends

You want your training and instruction efforts to have an impact. You want to challenge participants to improve collaboration. You want to provide insight into complex tasks. You don’t want to transfer knowledge in the boring, standard ways – you want to create an unforgettable learning experience.

Enter a different world with your team. Train like training should have been all along – in a computer-simulated reality that blurs the boundaries between reality and fiction. Challenge yourself and test how well both you and your team function under pressure. Move through the room, complete assignments, respond to what is thrown at you and enjoy an indelible learning experience.

Entertain: immersive is truly next level

You want to offer an experience that will move people. Show them what you’re all about. Educate them on another level. Make an impression they’ll never forget.

Veer off the beaten track! Become familiar with a product through a game. Be surprised by entertainment beyond all expectations. Explore your options with these intense experiences. Take on the challenge and discover how you and your fellow players respond to unexpected situations. Move through the room, gather information and complete assignments. Respond to what is thrown at you and celebrate your victory.

Turn on all your senses

An interactive and intense experience in a room with surround-sound and moving images on all walls.

Serious gaming to the max

Solve puzzles, select or move objects, gather information and answer questions. Respond to what’s thrown at you together.

Training in a new dimension

Hyper-realistic training and instruction, offering unique possibilities. Simulation, cooperation, problem analysis, diagnoses, decision-making, and so on. 

Fictitious and incredibly realistic at the same time

Explore a new world that is fictitious and incredibly realistic at the same time. Expand your horizons and get to know one another better. Get lured in, challenge yourself, go all out and enjoy the surprise.

From office building to festival tent

An immersive room can be installed anywhere, from an office building to a festival tent, and from a freestanding fair stand to the back of a truck. You name it!

Experiential learning stays with you like nothing else

This type of learning engages your entire body. Your brain, body, and heart all have to work together. The experience secures itself in your system and stays there forever.

Fix & mix: fascination for innovation

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Tjaart Venema
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