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The video production process

Listen first, speak later.

What is it that keeps many of our clients coming back for more? Our technical skills? Our creativity? Our prices? Yes to all of the above – but more than anything, it’s the fact that we really listen to you. To your dreams, your wishes, your ideas and your doubts, so we can create the best result together. So that we can manage your expectations, make the necessary changes along the way, and work together to find the flexibility that is often needed to help finish video productions on time and within budget.

Listening is what helps us get to the heart of complex matters, so that we can capture the essence of the story in an easily communicable, attractive format. Which isn’t to say that we don’t put our own mark on things. We rely on our past experience in the field to make adjustments when needed. Together, we’ll professionally create an end result to be proud of. Expect an open, transparent approach from us, with a continuous critical scrutiny – of you as the client, and of our own performance.

We’re called Fixvision, but we don’t do ‘quick fixes’. Instead, we collaborate with our clients and keep in touch to really deliver. This formula helps us bring out the best in one another. It has brought us to where we are today, and it will get you and us to where we want to be. Making cutting-edge video productions, while always keeping in touch with one another and with ourselves.

Videoproducties die je verder brengen
  • We're reliable. A deal is a deal.

  • Our strong suit: we listen carefully and translate your question.

  • We are fair. Regarding pricing, but also as human beings.

  • We are creative, both in the solution and in the implementation!

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