iPRES is the world’s first and longest-running conference series about digital preservation, i.e. storing digital heritage in the long term for future generations. Since 2004, iPRES has organised an annual global conference, broadcast to four continents.

iPRES brings together a group of around 500 scientists, students, researchers, archivists, librarians, suppliers and other experts to share recent developments and innovative projects and work together to solve problems.

Fixvision created this impressive trailer for this major event. We were given full artistic freedom to place Dutch national heritage in the context of today’s digital era.

The objects that are featured in the film were designed and created by the Fixvision team, and then donated to the NDE and Eye Film Museum in Amsterdam.


Netwerk Digitaal Erfgoed



Customer demand


iPRES2019 trailer door Fixvision
iPRES2019 trailer door Fixvision
iPRES2019 trailer door Fixvision
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