MMT flashcards

The Mobile Medical Team (MMT) operates out of four sites across the Netherlands, collaborating with ambulance staff from all over the country on their missions. To ensure that these partnerships run even more smoothly in future, the Ambulance Academy has taken the initiative to develop a joint educational product, namely a set of digital flashcards.

Fixvision provided the footage for the various chapters of the set, which consisted of interviews with MMT members, staged cases and an animation.

Thanks to Ruben’s extensive experience in acute care, Fixvision was able to play an active role in the scriptwriting and shooting process. As a result, developing these flashcards was an extremely smooth process.


Academie voor Ambulancezorg


Customer demand


Alklima animatie door Fixvision
MMT-Studiekaart door Fixvision
MMT-Studiekaart door Fixvision
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