After the great success of our interviews with patients, clients and healthcare professionals, we were given a unique opportunity, namely following the course of an entire pregnancy.

We got to follow and film Aukje and Jeroen throughout their pregnancy. We captured all of the important moments, from their first ultrasound appointment to a few weeks after their son was born. During this period, Aukje and Jeroen talked very candidly with us regarding all of the changes that a pregnancy brings.

The result was unique footage that really shows healthcare professionals and people training to work in healthcare what people go through during pregnancy and in the period right after.

In the final weeks before Aukje’s due date, we had a team on call day and night to head to the hospital right away when delivery started. We also took care of all consent forms that had to be signed, from the midwife to the hospital in question. In short, we took care of every aspect of creating this unique product, so that ExpertCollege need not worry about a thing.




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Zwangerschap-documentaire door Fixvision
Zwangerschap-documentaire door Fixvision
Zwangerschap-documentaire door Fixvision
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