Tactical Emergency Casualty Care TECC

The dynamic Netherlands Terrorism Threat Assessment (DTN in Dutch) has changed ambulance staff’s work environment for good. That’s why the Ambulance Academy has partnered up with V&VN (the Dutch care workers & ambulance staff association) to bring this NAEMT course in Tactical Emergency Casualty Care over from the United States.

This training will prepare all Dutch ambulance staff for incidents involving severe bodily harm.

To bring this new course to people’s attention, Fixvision was asked to create an amazing trailer for it. We attended the first training session and witnessed the impact the course had on many of the attending ambulance staff members. We were able to really showcase this impact in the resulting trailer.


Academie voor Ambulancezorg



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TECC trailer door Fixvision
TECC trailer door Fixvision
TECC trailer door Fixvision
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