Alklima Switch

Fixvision has worked with Creastand for many years now. Creastand is a family business that has been building and designing stands and trade fair setups for 40 years now. Slowly but surely, the detailed prints on fair stands are being replaced by LED panels, which give stands a completely different, more dynamic look and feel.

Creastand served as intermediary between their client, Alklima, and Fixvision. We then collaborated with the client to develop the footage to be shown on the aforementioned LED panels. Alklima BV is the sole importer of Mitsubishi Electric Living Environment Systems in the Netherlands. Using LED panels makes fair stands more sustainable and provides more information and a more interesting experience for visitors to the stand, but in a playful, modern way.




Customer demand


Alklima animatie door Fixvision
Alklima animatie door Fixvision
Alklima animatie door Fixvision
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